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DIY Horizontal Supreme Steel Frame & Mechanism Kits

  • The Horizontal (Side Tilt) Supreme System Includes 

    • 2 Lift Mechanisms, Left/Right (L/R)
    • 14 Lift Mechanism Springs
    • 2 Lift Mechanism Safety Cover Plates (L/R)
    • 1 Steel Foot Frame with gold label
    • 1 Steel Back Frame
    • 2 Steel End Frames
    • 2 steel panel stiffeners
    • 1 Top Stretcher Aluminum Support Beam
    • 2 Fold Over Legs (L/R)
    • 1 Leg Crossbar with end-plugs attached
    • 1 pr. Velcro Straps
    • We include all the nuts, bolts, screws, etc and connecting hardware to assemble the cabinetry
  • Materials required to build the Murphy Bed Cabinetry  

      Single/Twin, Double/Full, & Queen Size Murphy Bed Cabinetry require 3 to 4 sheets of 4' x 8' x 3/4" furniture grade plywood. You well also need pre-glued wood edge tape. Cut the plywood into 14 rectangle shapes, which now become the wood components for the Murphy Bed Cabinetry. Edge tape all the exposed edges with pre-glued wood edge tape. Cabinetry not included.
  • Murphy Bed sizes using the Regular Size Legs 

    • Single/Twin: 80” w x 47-5/16“ h
    • Double/Full: 80” w x 62-5/16“ h
    • Queen: 85” w x 68-5/16” h

    Protrusion into room with bed open 

    • Single/Twin:49”
    • Double/Full: 64”
    • Queen: 70”

    Cabinet depth

    • only 15-7/8"

    Mattress Sizes

    • Single/Twin: 39" x 75" 
    • Double/Full: 54" x 75"
    • Queen: 60" x 80"

    Mattress Thickness

    • up to 10 inches using the Regular Legs 
    • Mattress not included. A regular coil mattress is recommended with the Murphy Bed Hardware.
  • Regular Size Legs

    • The distance from the floor to the bed platform the mattress will rest on is 9-1/2”. This will allow for a maximum mattress thickness of up to 10 inches and 4 inches of bedding and pillows.
    The fold over legs are concealed and the leg crossbar holds the mattress in place when the Murphy Bed is in the upright position.
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