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Can I use my own mattress?

Yes, however make sure it is a spring coil mattress and you have it available when installing your Murphy Bed so that you can balance it with the correct number of springs. Our Murphy Beds are designed to allow for a standard size mattress up to 10 inches thick using our Regular Size Legs and up to 12 inches with our 2-3/8" Extended Legs.

Will a coil spring mattress breathe when on a platform?

Yes, this type of mattress has been used this way since year one. You cause the mattress to breathe each time you move. We still recommend regular rotation of the mattress, which is primarily to extend the life of the coil springs.

Do I need a box spring?

No, our Murphy Beds are not designed to allow for a box spring. You can obtain optimum comfort without a box spring. Many new base supports for conventional beds are with platforms designed to bring your coil spring top mattress up to an easily accessible height.

Can I tilt away my bed with all the bedding and pillows?

Yes, make up your bed complete with bedding. The pillows are stored at the foot of the bed with Velcro straps to clear the headboard when stored. When going to bed, remove the 'Velcro' straps and run them down the inside of both side rails. Place pillows at head end and you are ready to dream!

What is the load limit on the bed in the down position?

The bed is tested to 1700 lbs. dead weight loading using the Supreme Model Hardware System.  This is made possible by much stronger metal-to-metal connections, compared to any wood frame model, which is connected metal to wood.

Are Murphy Beds easy to open and close?

They are very easy to open and close. Our spring lift mechanism is engineered to allow for up to 9 springs per side. The amount of springs used would be determined by the Murphy Bed size and weight of the mattress used.

Are Murphy Beds comfortable?

Comfort ultimately lies upon the quality mattress you use. Unlike sofa beds, Murphy Beds are comparable to conventional beds.


Murphy Bed Panel Hardware Kits

The counterbalanced spring lift mechanism attaches
to the side panels of the bed cabinet.
The bed cabinet is secured to the wall studs at top.
The four sided bed frame attaches to the bed panel/platform
and then secured to the mechanism's tension arm.
It's just that simple!